A Bit More

Pics.by is a unique to your school solution for PRETTY links to your school’s photo website and/or sales pages. Think bit.ly, but for school photos! Most school photo stores, whether at a big brand, a custom store, etc. have horribly long and very easy-to-forget URLs! Now you can have pics.by/YOURSCHOOL to put onto your social media, flyers and marketing materials!

Get more information at pics.by today!

Get access to your very own schoolphotos.email email address! If you want schoolphotos.email or [email protected] or several variations ([email protected], [email protected], etc.), you can get it here! It comes packed with the google workspace! Think gmail, but for school photos and all of the included google applications – even google drive/filestream!

Go to schoolphotos.email to get yours!

School Photo Host is a platform for you to launch your own website, with shared or your own resources. Think godaddy or namecheap, but yes, for school photos! Domain names, hosting and more are available!

SchoolPhoto.host is ready to host your school’s photo website now!

A digital solution for your school portrait needs – all in an app!

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